Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct for INKA Consult

INKA Consult Aps. contributes to the benefit of its clients and society.

INKA Consult intends contributing to sustainable development in every assignment/project.

The present Code of Conduct establishes the general rules in INKA Consult to meet our ethical standards for business behaviour and particularly to prevent involvements in corrupt and fraudulent practices. INKA Consult will as a knowledge-based company manage with integrity its internal and external affairs. We are sensitive to and considerate of the ethical and social issues regarding our consulting engagement.

The following rules shall constitute the Code of Conduct for INKA Consult, its employees and associate consultants of multi-disciplinary teams working together with INKA Consult on assignments:

  1. INKA Consult Aps. is committed to the principles of United Nations Global Compact.
  2. INKA Consult only accepts assignments in areas that match the qualifications, experience and capacity of its employees or associate consultants and the firm
  3. We will be a honest, reliable and committed service provider. We take full responsibility for our actions and behave ethically and fairly under all circumstances
  4. We will respect the rules and laws governing our business
  5. We will respect the human rights of those affected by our activities consistent with international obligations and commitments
  6. We will ensure that remuneration is appropriate and for legitimate services only
  7. We will enhance the transparency of our activities in the fight against bribery and extortion. We will adopt control systems that discourage bribery and corrupt practices, and adopt financial and tax accounting and auditing practices that prevent the establishment of “off the books” or secret accounts or the creation of documents, which do not properly and fairly record the transactions to which they relate
  8. Our Code of Conduct shall also apply to our participation in joint operations and we will seek to ensure that our partners adopt similar commitments to our own in connection with joint projects
  9. All employees are accountable and under an obligation to raise any issue of doubts with management for clarification and decision
  10. We listen carefully to those who are concerned about the implications of our recommendations and respond to their concerns

Revised in June 2011 

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