The point of departure for Rio Markers can be found in this OECD Annex 18 Guidelines (34 pages with many useful examples). Also a brief methodology overview from OECD. 

Find here Denmarks climate finance reporting to UNFCCC and EU:     

- Denmarks Biennial Report (BR4 covering 2017-18) to UNFCCC is this excel-file at this link and 25 pages finance chapter at this link. Furthermore, INKA has made a brief 8 pages version (here link) with key information.   

- Denmarks MMR reporting to EU for 2018 (overview in table 7): Here a link to Excel with 2018 committments (tilsagn) og here a link to Excel with Danish disbursements (udbetalinger) during 2018.   This include Rio markers on CISU portfolio. 


Methodological note (for MMR to EU): 

Denmark has in 2019 used the common tabular format (tables 7, 7(a) and 7(b)) for MMR reporting. Denmark reports both committed and disbursed funds for both bilateral and multilateral climate finance flows. The statistics refer to official development assistance given as grants, including interest grants and capital subscriptions to multilateral development banks, as well as equity acquisitions.

Much of the information on definitions or methodologies used for reporting in the common tabular format for the “UNFCCC biennial reporting guidelines for developed country Parties”, tables 7, 7(a) and 7(b), has already been included in the new documentation box attached to these tables.