Meet your course manager

  • Meet Hans Peter Dejgaard here in his garden on Frederiksberg, and hear about his professional career from 25 years with development. Hans Peter has been involved in about twenty DFC courses, and is the course manager and facilitator of this 2020 course. Here is Hans Peters CV.
  • Meet Ulrik Oksbjerg who is course management assistent and Zoom operator from INKA Consult.

Meet your teachers

  • Jørgen Skytte Jensen has extensive experience from public sector institutions and global and national NGOs. He has undertaken organisational capacity assessments and change management, and has extensive experience with multi-stakeholder policy dialogue, leadership and human resources skills. He is frequently involved in Danida’s Strategic Sector Cooperations (SSC). In this video Jørgen bids you welcome and also shows his cool band.
  • Mattias Söderberg works as Chief Advisor specialized in Advocacy on Climate Change issues at Danish Church Aid. He is the Co-chair of the ACT Alliance Change Network and a skilled communicator, blogger and influencer in the media.
  • Katrine Kent is an expert in the field of Dialogue Engagement and Conflict Resolution. She is the owner of a consulting firm helping companies and organisations with development, communications and leadership facilitating change processes and constructive dialogue.

Meet your mentors

  • Claus Thure Hastrup is an experienced development consultant and has tought many DFC courses. In this video you can hear him telling about his career and revealing a gastronomical interest.
  • Christopher Roy is a consultant with INKA Consult. He works in the fields of Climate Finance, Climate Change Adaptation, International Development, GHG Accounting, and Climate Solutions. Meet Chris here and learn about his background and interests.
  • Andrew Hattle is a consultant with INKA Consult with a focus on Climate. He does research for public climate finance towards UNFCCC goals, adaptation, and development.
  • Ursula Hofeldt is a consultant with INKA Consult. As a sociologist she works primarily in the fields of communication and social innovation. She is an experienced researcher working with internal and external stakeholders to facilitate meetings, workshops and seminars.

Meet former students (from 2018 and 2019)  

  • Here we have a piece of advice from Dao in Laos, about experience with use of strategic action planning.
  • Robert Insingoma, alumni from 2018, tells how he made use of the course training to organize a national multi-stakeholder dialogue in Uganda, which resulted in a national draft for education for sustainable development.
  • From Mexico City, here we have 2018 alumni Ana Elena Hernandez explaining how she put the skills, training and Action Plan into practice to  create better conditions for diabetes patients in her home country.  

Meet your fellow students (May 2020) that we will hear from during the course.

  • Simrin Kafle from Nepal says hello, and gives us a short introduction to her work for Nepal Public Health Foundation.
  • Greetings from Zamiba, here is Emma Phiri Benkele from Zambia National Union of Teachers.
  • Here we are glad to present Rosaline Kamina from Kenya and the Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT).